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Release Date

XenoMorphs-02-01 Bundle (like Alien) (XenoMorph 02-01,XenoMorph 02-02,XenoMorph 02-03) 35 26 May 2013  

CYBORG 02 Bundle (Cyborg 04,Cyborg 05,Cyborg 06)

19 24 June 2013  
Android 01 Bundle(Android 01-1,Android 01-2,Android 01-3) 39 09 Aug 2013  
Cyborg 07 19 10 Aug 2013  
SCI-FI Combat Armor 01 (SCI-FI Combat Armor 01 for V4,SCI-FI Combat Armor 01 for M4) 3 24 Aug 2013  
SpikeOps (SpikeQueen,GhostOps) (Queen of Spikes) 18 19 Sep 2013  
XenoMorphs-02-02 Bundle (like Alien) (XenoMorph 02-04,XenoMorph 02-05,XenoMorph 02-06) 35 10 Oct 2013  
XenoMorphs-02-00 FaceHugger 35 10 Oct 2013  
Android 02-00-Chief Bundle (Android 02-00-Chief) 18 23 Nov 2013  
AlienBreed Bundle 01 (AlienBreed 01 Jovok, AlienBreed 02 Wrox,AlienBreed 03 Gorus) 41 23 Dec 2013  
AlienBreed Bundle 02 (AlienBreed 04 Liury 01,AlienBreed 05 Liury 02,AlienBreed 06 Liury 03,AlienBreed 07 Liury 04) 41 27 Dec 2013  
AlienBreed Bundle 03 (AlienBreed 08 Talya 01,AlienBreed 09 Talya 02,AlienBreed 10 Talya 03) 41 18 Jan 2014  
AlienBreed Bundle 04 (AlienBreed 12 Jacky 01,AlienBreed 13 Jacky 02,AlienBreed 14 DrMordun 01,AlienBreed 15 MsPaduk 01) 41 21 Apr 2014  
AlienBreed Bundle 05 (AlienBreed 11 Kosumi 01,AlienBreed 16 Thone 01,AlienBreed 17 Legio 01,AlienBreed 18 Koliat 01) 173 July 2014  
AlienBreed Bundle 06 (AlienBreed 19 Mira,AlienBreed 20 Samra) 173  Sept 2014  
AlienBreed Bundle 07 (AlienBreed 21 Ashly 01 01,AlienBreed 22 Ashly 02,AlienBreed 23 James,AlienBreed 24 Zeed) 173 Jan 2015  
AlienBreed Jacky for V4G2 173 Jan 2015  
AlienBreed Liury for V4G2 173 Jan 2015  
BlackKnight Bundle 01 (BlackKnight 01,BlackKnight 02,BlackKnight 03) 131 27 Jan 2014  
BlackKnight Bundle 02 (BlackKnight 04,BlackKnight 05,BlackKnight 06) 131 27 Jan 2014  
TMNT BUNDLE (Leonardo,Donatello,Michelangelo and Raphael) 53 Sept 2014  
AI Kortana for V4 55 27 Aug 2014  

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DOA Kasumi Bundle 01 (Kasumi 01,Kasumi 02,Kasumi 03,Kasumi 04)

16 Sep 2015  

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XenoMorphs like Zergs - looks more like insects..
CyberKnight for V4 (only head from V4,body replaced)

Old image from development
Bugs Bunny
Mars Attacks! Martians
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philby1's Avatar
philby1 replied the topic: #1524 1 year 11 months ago
A couple of ideas . I have the Alien xenomorphs which are great. I wonder if an add clear dome part could be made as its the one thing that seems to be missing. I have post worked it in some images but an add on one would make it easier :)

Also surprised there isn't a request for a good T800 endoskeleton here (unless I've missed it) . I'd love one of those.
MKDAWUSS replied the topic: #1302 2 years 6 months ago
Will any of these move into crowdfunding soon? Just curious.
borgboy's Avatar
borgboy replied the topic: #1267 2 years 8 months ago
How about a unique set of tentacles that look nothing like anything on the market.
Maybe make a variety of sizes and shapes. Keep the number down to say 5 or 6 at most.
Or possibly make a set of 3 tentacle monsters!
Dr Overlord's Avatar
Dr Overlord replied the topic: #1001 3 years 4 months ago

John_Lemus wrote: I had added the request for a Victoria 4 Xenomorph Hybrid or Hybreed but I guess it was removed.
Hybreed types

I would vote for this! :)
Kage's Avatar
Kage replied the topic: #997 3 years 5 months ago
Minion Dave from Despicable Me, been wanting a minion forever and Dave is a favorite!
CyberKaiju's Avatar
CyberKaiju replied the topic: #894 3 years 8 months ago
I think it would be cool if there was an Age of Extinction Optimus Prime (knight) that could transform into his Western Star truck form
John_Lemus's Avatar
John_Lemus replied the topic: #884 3 years 9 months ago
I had added the request for a Victoria 4 Xenomorph Hybrid or Hybreed but I guess it was removed. My second request was for a Victoria 4 Predator or Hunter set. All the ones available are for Michael 4 and Old Male Figures. There are no cool looking predator like armor in the marketplace for V4 either.You can call them Hybreeds or Xenosapien.

Hybreed types


Female Hunter Types




Arlesienne's Avatar
Arlesienne replied the topic: #877 3 years 9 months ago
Heh, I wish we had an easier time making fanart renders for Thief series. Don't tell me you don't recognise this all-time classic :)! I can understand it's difficult to find counterparts for Hammerite garments, but I have the same problems when trying to dress the Keepers, Pagans or even plain thieves... Could you consider adding this option to the poll please?

PS For newbies, this is a good site to start: thief.wikia.com/wiki/Thief:_The_Dark_Wiki .
Cenobite451's Avatar
Cenobite451 replied the topic: #811 3 years 10 months ago
So, I guess Cortana's up next then? Hopefully she'll be a V4 character rather than a standalone figure - much more useful to me that way.

Wonder if we'll get to Hellraiser by the end of the year. It'd be a great Christmas present. :D
rogerbee's Avatar
rogerbee replied the topic: #724 4 years 6 months ago

I can't wait to start shopping here, the Aliens alien will probably be first.