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Terms of Service


By participating in FoRender Social (includes Social,Reviews,Votes,Forums or Galleries) you agree to abide by the following rules and restrictions:


By accepting membership to these social, you affirm and agree that you have read this document and will review it from time to time as FoRender reserves the right to make changes to these guidelines as is deemed necessary, and that you will adhere to all codes and terms listed within this TOS in all sub forums, and in Private Messages sent using the forum.


Please determine if your post will add to our goals as follows:


  • The FoRender Social should be a destination for learning, conversation and helping others
  • This should be a fun and positive place to communicate
  • A place of learning and sharing
  • A place to go for help in learning new techniques
  • Communicate and discuss ideas in a positive non-threatening way


These Social exists in order to help facilitate the discussion, learning, teaching, creation of as well as displaying of digital art and animation. This is accomplished by fostering a community where each member helps another to learn various techniques for 3d modeling, texturing, posing, animating, and postwork. Everything that helps the community realize these objectives is welcome. Constructive discussion, both critical and sympathetic, pertaining to these objectives is encouraged. Anything that is degrading or otherwise harmful to such an environment is strictly prohibited.


Here are a few examples of how these objectives may be accomplished:


  • Discussing Art and Animation
  • Giving and receiving support for questions related to products and their use
  • Exchanging Tips and Techniques
  • Announcements of product fixes and updates
  • Tutorials
  • Product Suggestions and Wishlists
  • Announcements by FoRender Staff

General Code of Conduct


  1. Posts, threads, and images MUST NOT contain ANY nudity, violence, or profanity.
  2. Criticism should be directed towards the subject or topic at hand, rather than an individual.  Posts which make blanket, unreasoned criticisms - of other members, of FoRender, of products or applications, or of merchants and their products - may be removed in a general effort to control negativity.
  3. Posts that are obviously designed to provoke, shock or anger will be removed and action taken as needed.  This includes posts attempting to provoke a “site” or “app” war, the excessive use of strong language, or any content designed to create a negative emotional response.
  4. Attacks towards any member, moderator, admin, or FoRender Staff will not be tolerated.
  5. Anyone asking for “warez” or otherwise pirated or stolen material will be dealt with as deemed necessary including any appropriate legal action where necessary. Often a single warning will be given to the individual, though some situations may warrant more severe action to be taken.
  6. Anyone offering “warez” or otherwise pirated or stolen material will be banned and all appropriate legal action taken.
  7. Copyright infringements of any sort will not be tolerated.
  8. Illegal acts, accusations of illegal acts, or suggestions to commit an illegal act are not allowed on our Social and will be removed from public view, further action will be taken if necessary.
  9. For rules on commercial forum posting see the Commercial Advertising section below.
  10. Multiple forum posts for a single product or topic will be consolidated to a single post or the duplicate post may be locked or removed in order to reduce entries in the forum.
  11. Threads that are deemed to be “Bumped” for the specific purpose of artificially keeping the thread on the first page of the Commons will be locked.
  12. Off-topic threads may be moved, modified or split at the discretion of the moderators and any such changes will be reported to the member who started the thread.
  13. There may also be other reasons to refocus multiple threads to a single thread. In some instances, these multiple threads may even be created by two different members. It is not our intention to stifle conversation, this is done so that all members are able to follow the same thread and ask and receive feedback in the same location on this subject.
  14. Emails or Private Messages (PM’s) can be posted ONLY by the original author, or by the recipient if the post explicitly states that it may be made public.  This also includes communication from all FoRender contacts as well as correspondence with outside agencies.
  15. Posts that appear to lead to debate on personal beliefs such as politics or religion will not be allowed.  There are other forums for such discussions.
  16. Subject lines/titles of threads in the FoRender Forums may not contain prices or discount amounts. This covers numerical, symbolic and explicit references.


We reserve the right to remove any post we feel is in violation of these rules as well as any post we feel is not of specific interest to our core membership.  Please note that the FoRender Social do not give a promise of freedom of speech.

Gallery and Posted Image Conduct

  1. Images may not show genitals, or the bare groin or buttocks, of humanoid figures. Images of female humanoids may not show the breasts.
  2. Any image that conflicts with the nature of this forum or is found to be inappropriate for the forum’s wide audience will be removed and the author notified.
  3. Images will not display the act of sexual copulation, masturbation, or oral sex.
  4. Images that may be considered sexually suggestive will be reviewed by the staff of this site as to its appropriateness for inclusion in the Gallery.
  5. FoRender retains the rights to remove any image(s) for any reason.
  6. Images will not display rape, torture, or the act of physical mutilation.
  7. Images that may appear gratuitously violent will be reviewed by the staff of this site for its appropriateness for inclusion in the gallery.
  8. Images that contain depictions of children are especially sensitive and will be reviewed even more strictly than other such images.
  9. Images that may be considered as an attack on a person or their beliefs will be reviewed for its appropriateness in the gallery.
  10. This gallery is intended for works of art only and not for advertising purposes. Any image that can be construed as a “product shot” may be removed at the discretion of the staff. However, a listing of the products used in an image is acceptable and encouraged. Products used in the creation of gallery images that are for sale at FoRender will be shown with active links.

Rules of Conduct for Commercial Advertising in the FoRender Social


The following rules are being enforced to avoid a level of commercial advertising in the forums which would constitute interference with the stated purpose of the forums. The following rules also apply to Work In Progress (WIP) threads.


  1. Commercial threads are permitted only for products that are being sold through FoRender, or in the case of Work In Progress thread products that are being created by FoRender Seller with the intention that they will be sold through FoRender.
  2. Threads that point or link to items in other stores are deemed to be Commercial Posts and will be removed.
  3. FoRender Seller may create one Commercial Thread in either The Commons OR the application specific sub-forum.
  4. As a courtesy to other merchants please do not use someone else’s promotional thread to promote another product.
  5. Seller may post a maximum of 1 commercial thread per week, with two instances of that thread permitted as noted above in paragraph 3.
  6. Commercial threads may be started only for New Products or Products that are newly on sale.
  7. A commercial thread may cover multiple items so long as those items are released at the close time or mentioned in the original post within week.
  8. Threads that constitute a Work in Progress for a commercial product count as Commercial threads.
  9. The subject lines/titles of a commercial thread may not contain prices or discount amounts. This covers numerical, symbolic and explicit references.
  10. Any commercial thread which repeatedly returns to the first page of the Commons for more than a month may be locked at FoRender’s sole discretion.
  11. The Management of FoRender, and its subsidiaries Reserve the right to make exceptions if they deem fit.  Those who would like to promote their content in any way beyond what is outlined in these rules may wish to consider contacting FoRender for other consideration.

Posting/Receiving Downloads

By using our site to download files from, you agree and affirm that you do so at your own risk, and that you indemnify FoRender against any liability whatsoever. While we will review links, sample submissions, and occasionally test downloads, we ask, for your own safety, that you take precautions.

Anyone that participates in the following actions will be dealt with legally and all appropriate measures taken:

  • Anyone caught posting a link to any file containing a virus, Trojan, or other harmful payload.
  • Anyone caught posting a link that leads a member to pornography (i.e.: ‘porn spam’), or any other sort of questionable material, whether a download or website.
  • Anyone attempting to “hack” or otherwise disrupt the normal functioning of this forum.
  • Non-working links (i.e.: “dead links”) will be removed when found, or by request. We will wait up to 72 hours before deletion to account for periodic outages and server down-times.
  • We ask that your creation not infringe upon the copyrights of others. Infringements will be removed and the offense remedied as circumstances warrant. This includes, but is not limited to; characters, textures, or meshes and/or items that contain any 3 rd party data that is trademarked, patented, or copyrighted to other corporations. Items that are “similar to” or “looks like” will be judged on a case-by-case basis. All copyright-related complaints will be considered, although the complainant must provide proof of infringement before consideration is made. [This proof should follow the guidelines specified in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.]


Here is an outline of the chain of events that we will follow towards making corrections within the forum:


  • An official warning is given to all parties involved. These warnings will be logged, but they will be kept away from public view.
  • If the official warning is ignored, or the problem recurs from the same member, then the member will have all forum privileges suspended (for an undetermined period of time).
  • Anyone violating the Forum Guidelines after reinstatement from suspension will be banned outright, including all known “clone” accounts of the person being banned.
  • Further legal action will be taken as deemed necessary by FoRender.
  • Moderators will actively remedy any situations that arise which conflict with these Terms of Service. If you have any questions or concerns about moderator actions please open a support ticket or contact the moderation team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do not make a forum post on the issue as it will be removed.


Specifics actions which will be taken include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Deletion and/or locking of all posts or threads where any illegal activity, (such as Warez requests, or posting of inappropriate materials, or copyright issues) is apparent.
  • Locking or deletion of threads that are considered ‘spam’. Spam consists of creating multiple threads in different places pertaining to the same subject matter.
  • Deletion or locking or posts or threads that are deemed to contain personal attacks on an individual or organization. This is a matter of subjectivity and is determined by the FoRender Team or Moderator.
  • Deletion of posts or threads if any personal information (such as email address, cc info, home address, telephone/fax number, etc.) or site mail is disclosed or published without the permission of the sender.
  • Deletion or locking of posts or threads involving copyright accusations. Any such copyright issues need to be categorically proven and resolved between the two parties before any public discussion on the situation occurs.

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