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               Walther_P99 copyrighted by --Wartech-- April 2011


Real weapon prototype of pistol Walther P99 wih RedDotSight and Muffer for your Poser/Daz character. All our weapons comes with additional hand pose for V4.

(Comes as *_InHand, all positions set in Poser and can be easily changed for other character)


Where to find Walther P99 files in your Poser/Daz studio:


     [..\\ Props\\--Wartech--\\..]


Required to use this product:

Poser 6 and above, DAZ Studio



The P99 pistol was a rather radical step forward for the Walther company, made under new management. The development of a new pistol started in 1994 and the first production pistols were shown to public in 1997. The earliest pistols were made in 9mm, and a .40 S&W version appeared in 1999. By 2004, the Carl Walther company presented the second generation of the P99 pistols. These new guns had even better ergonomics, and new model designations - the old P99 was renamed (and slightly redesigned) to P99AS (Anti-Stress), the double-action only P990 turned into the P99DAO, and only the P99QA (Quick Action) retained its name. The second generation also included the P99 Compact pistols, apparently made with input from American company Smith & Wesson, as the basically similar SW99 Compact pistol appeared on the US market a little earlier. Smith & Wesson makes a close copy of the P99 as the SW99, using Walther-made polymer frames and its own slides and barrels of slightly different shape. S&W also makes a .45-calibre version of this pistol. 9mm P99 pistols also are manufactured under Walther

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